Pink Lemonade - This quilt was created from prototype blocks I made while designing a Block-of-the-Month quilt.
Half Log variation of the Log Cabin block, in a star setting. This was made with leftovers from a queen sized quilt I made for my niece.
This Puss in the Corner quilt was a class sample for a beginners' quiltmaking class.
The Rodeo Princess quilt - I drafted this boot block and had a lot of fun selecting fabrics. The "spur stars" incorporate some foundation piecing.
Cloud Mine - a soft puff of a flannel quilt, one of the first I sold on eBay about seven years ago.
This Mock Cathedral Windows quilt is interesting to put together. I had fun selecting flannels for it.
I think this is my all-time favorite baby quilt. It's a Puss in the Corner scrap quilt (see the apricot quilt above for a coordinated version) in purples and florals. It has a colorwash look to it, and I wish I hadn't sold it!
A more manly cowboy boot quilt. The border is a wonderful Alexander Henry cowboy boot print. The Spur Stars on this one are a different pattern, but they are also foundation pieced.
I often use this Stepping Stones pattern for my Quiltmaking 101 class. This one has an Amish appearance. The fabrics were very popular about 15 years ago, and I bought them with the intention of making a bed quilt for one of my sons. We ended up with a different style for his room, so I used the fabrics to make this.
Dollhouses is a very fun quilt, made from bright 1 1/2" strips. I have an 18 gallon tote full of 1 1/2" strips, so it was fun to pull out an assortment for this quilt. The piano keys border makes a nice fence for the community!
The Lattice quilt is quick and easy to make. The pattern is provided free HERE.
This quilt is made by piecing and folding flannel fabrics and sewing them together by hand. It has no batting, and it is reversible. Very interesting project!
Another Alexander Henry print inspired this Teddy Bears' Picnic Log Cabin quilt. I think of those colors as "ice cream pastels".  The Log Cabin blocks are arranged in the Barn Raising setting.
Flannel Rag quilt. These were very popular a few years ago, and they are particularly fun and fuzzy in flannels!
The Mosaic quilt was charted on graph paper back before we had computers. It was very soft and sweet.
This is a reversible Roman Stripe quilt. The front and back pieces are sewn to a flannel foundation at  one time, so there is no quilting after the top is done. You still have to sew the blocks on one side of the quilt by hand, however, in the lap quilting technique.
Snowball Star quilts are fun and easy for beginners. This very bright one was a baby gift.
Birds in the Air is one of my favorite patterns.  This one is very feminine!
The Snails Trail quilt in Swedish Blue and Yellow was very appropriate for my new Swedish cousin. My mother and I made this one together as a gift.
Another of my favorite quilts - a Framed NinePatch in soft peaches and creams. It sparkles.
The Double Pinwheel quilt was a class sample. It's a fun technique, from a book written by Eleanor Burns of Quilt in a Day.
Another variation of the Half Log Cabin quilt, in bright pastels, arranged in the Fields and Furrows setting. I enjoy making Half Log Cabin blocks because they are less prone to distortion than the regular Log Cabin blocks. This is a very cheerful quilt!
Another novelty fabric inspired this Water Babies quilt, similar in color and style to the Teddy Bears' Picnic quilt above.
Baby Bow Ties!

The Hidden Stars quilt - also seen on other portfolio pages - is a sparkly low-contrast pattern  that I enjoy making. This one was a special order for a client who likes periwinkle.

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